La Menade is an alternative metal band.
A sonorous wall of sound in which sharp, piercing guitars stand out from the dark background created by the keyboards: everything is marked by an overwhelming rhythmic section and by raw poetic lyrics.

La Menade was founded in Rome in October 2000 by the meeting of Tatiana (guitar) and Tanya (keyboards). After the initial adjustment period, in 2003 the band found its balance with four elements, when Tatiana assumed the role of singer in addition to her current role of guitarist.
It was at this point that the sound of La Menade gained awareness and vigor, elements that are evident in their first EP "Conflitti e Sogni", produced in 2005 by Red House Recordings (under David Lenci's artistic guidance), via Load Up Records label.
The album, containing five unedited tracks and published together with a DVD of the single "Strane Idee"'s video, was quickly well-received by the public and the press, and put the band into an intense live activity throughout the nation.
In 2005, the track "Wheeling" appeared in the soundtrack of the film "Tre metri sopra il cielo".
After having participated in national shows (such as the i-Tim Tour, Rock Targato Italia, and M.E.I.), television programs (such as "Help" by Red Ronnie) and radio shows, the Tg of RomaUno also dedicated a set to the band.
The "Strane Idee" video was broadcasted by many satellite TV shows (Rock Tv, Match Music, Music Box Italia, Countdown, Music 4 Fun, Music Nation Tv), but also by All Music (during the broadcast "I love Rock 'n' Roll").
In 2006, they began their collaboration with the booking agency GetRocked, which organized a 7-day tour in northern Italy, in which they supported McQueen, an English rock band acclaimed by the specialized press, that also increased their own visibility.
In the same year, La Menade was one of the winning bands of a national contest held by Freequency magazine to play on the Roma Rock Festival stage at Capannelle's Hippodrome (Rome), where they played on July 12.
The production of the video "Maledetta Me", made way for the first full-length album from the band, "Male di Luna", self-produced and distributed, like their previous album, by Venus.
"Male di Luna" had 15 unedited tracks and a ghost track. The wonderful album reviews underlined the project's originality, and the versatility of the four musicians.
The band's music was presented as an unexpected mix between the metal, dark, progressive and electronic genres, which created the framework for a huge impact at live shows.
The track "Danza nel buio" was featured on the soundtrack for the film "Ho voglia di te". In March 2007, La Menade was opening act for Linea77 at Rolling Stone, in Milan.
With the waves of positive feedback from the new album's publication, the band was invited by Alice Cooper's manager to open for a concert of the artist that would have been in July in Florence: this date, however, didn't happen because of organisational problems.
Meanwhile, RaiUno broadcasted a special dedicated to the band in their tv show "Music@ 2007".
In 2009, Lucia and Cristina left the band.
After a period of time dedicated to the search for two new musicians, in 2010 Chiara (bass) was announced as the new band member. The band's formation achieves its goal in 2012, with the addition of Laura on drums.
In February 2013, La Menade resumed their live activity that would also see the support of the historic British band, Girlschool, during their unique concert in Rome for their 35th Anniversary tour.
In July of the same year, La Menade took second place at the national contest held by the Sonica Festival, earning the right to participate in M.E.I. 2.0 at Faenza.
La Menade have just finished their new album, recorded and mixed by Luciano Chessa at the Moon Voice Recording Studio (L'Aquila/Italy), mastered by Riccardo Pasini at Studio73 (Ravenna/Italy) and whose publication, via Valery Records, will be preceded by the official release of the "Nero Caos" video clip.


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  • Conflitti e Sogni 2005 - Load Up Records EP
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La Menade - Disumanamente (Official Music Video)
La Menade - Nero Caos (Official Music Video)
La Menade - band
La Menade - band
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